Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec. 20th
Burke Christmas Party
We had our 3rd annual Burke Christmas Party tonight at my parents house. This celebration is with my mom's sister Drusilla and the rest of the Trainers, but this year, my mom's other 2 sisters and one of my cousins were able to join us! It's a night of lots of food and just chaos and I love it! We always do a $10 gift exchange and its always a hoot to see what everybody gets and fights over!

Aunt Harriet

Dad hiding his batteries he got

My cousin Ann showing off, some tools

The kids playing

Eric opening the book I stole

Mom got some tool like thing as well

Ryan and Brady

Kaylee wasn't real excited about her gift, can you tell

Part of the Hughey gang

Cousins Aaron, Ethan, and Hannah

Phoebe with Cousin Jennifer

Ryan got some yummy carmels

Mandi got her own gift and got it stolen

Cousin Logan, Hayley (Jared girlfriend), Cousin Jared

Hayley and Jared

Shoo Shoo, Aunt Dee, Aunt Peachy, Hannah, and Chris, Ryan and Jennifer on the couch

Cousin Kevin and Rindi

Aunt Drusilla, Cousin Hollyan, and Aunt Harriet

Hollyan with her own gift, lottery tickets that got stolen from her later from Chris
Mari and Phoebe giving kisses