Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Jan. 31st
Phoebe turns 2!
Phoebe turned 2 on the 27th and we celebrated today at Going Bonkers in Lewisville, it was our first time there and Brady had a blast! In the past Brady has been very hesitate at places like this after some punk kids 3x his age were on an inflatable at Boomerangs pushing each other around, so when we first got there he only stayed in this one area, but by the time it was time to go, he was going everywhere and by himself, I was so proud of him!
I did discover, that being 4months pregnant and crawling throwing small confined spaces doesn't go over so well with me, lol!

Brady in his Brobee hat

Yo Gabba Gabba

Precious Phoebe

The first area he didn't want to leave, notice his left red cheek he hurt @ church


Getting brave

Cake time

Mandi made Phoebe's Foofa cake

Singing Happy Birthday

Mari cheesin

Chase being goofy

Phoebe, Brady, and Popi eating cake


Brady chillin with Popi

Phoebe getting excited about her presents

More presents

New shoes

Just wanted to have prove of how big this thing was

Hey, mommy, look at me!

Going down the slide

Kaylee and Kendra took Phoebe around

More of Kaylee, Phoebe, and Kendra

My buddy boy getting braver

and braver

He finally caught up with Mari