Saturday, April 24, 2010

March 29th
Brady's 1st Night in His New Room & New Bed
For Brady's birthday, Ryan and I gave him a big boy room, its not done yet, but we have grass on the wall and his bed put together thanks to Ryan and Popi, be looking for pics coming of the completed room and Charley's room! I wanted to switch Brady into his new room, months before Charley got here so we could wrinkle out any problems we had, but boy did Brady prove me wrong. He went straight to sleep with no worries, he even wanted the door shut so Lucky couldn't get out, I kept checking on him like when he was an infant to make sure he was still breathing b/c I just couldn't believe it was so easy, I guess he really is a big boy!

Brady with Bedtime Blue

Wondering why I was taking pictures of him going to bed

Cheesin with Lucky

Fast asleep

He looks so tiny in this big bed

Another view

My sweet big boy