Monday, May 03, 2010

April 29th
First Blast Ball Game
Today was Brady's first Blast Ball game! This was the very first time Brady would ever hit the field, first time to bat, first time to field, first time to run the bases, etc. and I was so giddy! I couldn't hold back my excitement, I know he's 3 and its just blast ball, but I couldn't help but think that I'm that "soccer mom" now and it excites me, expecially since our first game, I was was in charge of snacks! I couldn't put the camera down or stop smiling and giggling! Brady had a blast too! He was excited that everyone was there to watch him, so excited he didn't want to stay in the dugout and come on, let's get real, its a typical boy, he was surrounded by dirt, lol! He did so good, he got to bat 3x and hit it each time, I know its hard to miss the ball, but after seeing his first practice I was a little nervous! No matter if the ball was near him or not while in the field he was diving in the dirt, and every time he got on or came off the field he jumped on the squeaky base! I hope you can see the excitement in his face too while looking at the pictures and the video! I still can't stop smiling!
Brady and Mari

Warmup run

Lining up to field for warmup
Getting ready to warmup, holding cousins hand

Its mine

Got it

Diving during warmup

Fielding during warmup

I got it, has no idea or care, the game hasn't started yet

Notice where the ball is and what the kids are doing, and this was still pregame, lol

Running to the dugout to start the game

First at bat on video

First at bat

Getting giddy for his first at bat

First hit

Runing to first at his first hit ever

First time to ever run to first base, and he leaps right over it, lol!

2nd at bat ever

Oh, this way to first

Running to 1st

Kodak moment

Running after the ball

Throwing it in

Mari's turn at bat


3rd at bat

3rd at bat, contact
Safe Again

First Good Game Line Up

Good Game

Good Sportsmanship

Snack Time