Tuesday, May 11, 2010

March 4th
Brady's 2nd Blastball Game
Today was our second Blastball game, this time Brady had his jersey, so he got to sport it, #2! It's funny he was more interested in the grass this game than last also. Enjoy the pics, notice the facial expressions on the batting and running to first, he gets so excited, wonder who he gets that from?

Mari and Brady on 3rd

Mari at bat

Brady's first at bat

Brady's second at bat

Diving for 1st, lol

Trying to get his teammate to give him the ball to throw

Running back to the dugout

Everyone playing around

Brady and Dalton

Brady throwing the ball in
Releasing the ball

Throwing dirt, very seriously

More dirt throwing

Waiting to bat

3rd at bat

Running to first, I love the face

Running to first, and another precious face

Jumping on first

More dirt playing

Throwing the ball home