Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 18th
Swimming Lesson Show Off
Today we got to see what Brady had learned this week, his come so far, and we are so proud of him! He didn't get his dipper badge just yet, was shy just 2 skills, so we'll keep practice and try again next year!

Chillin, waiting to get wet

Being silly

Face Float

Face Float

Swimming to Mrs Smith

Swimming back to the steps

Knee dive

Knee Dive entrance

Jumping in the deep end

Swimming back to the step

Jumping in the deep end

Swimming to his teacher

Swimming to the side

Red Rover, Red Rover, let Brady come over

Swimming from one end to the other

Still going

Taking a breather

1,2,3 breathe

Still going

and going

Waiting his turn

Going through the hoop

And he makes it