Thursday, July 01, 2010

June 28th
37 wks/Belly Cast
Today I'm officially counting days, less than a month away, and boy am I ready! At this point with Brady he decided to come already, so I never got to the I'm miserable stage, but I'm there now and discovering what everyone talks about! Last week's appt. I was a cm dilated, this weeks appt, still 1 cm dilated, ugh!
Mandi came over after work to do my belly cast once again! Ryan thinks its strange and others might too, but being pregnant to me is just a blessing and a miracle that I thinks its super neat to be able to capture the memory forever! My intentions last time were to have Ryan help me, but if you recall, Ryan went to the hospital on Sat for food poisoning, and we had Brady on Mon, so I was forced to put my modesty aside and have my sister do it! So, since she did just a great job and I never know when Ryan's going to be home, I decided to let her do it again! Jenn is going to paint it for me to match the room and Brady's, so I can't wait to see the final product!
Finished product

Almost done

Mandi being silly

Mandi has become a pro

Trying to help, but making more of a mess, lol

Big Brother Brady helping

Patting me down with water

37 wks