Sunday, August 08, 2010

July 7th
Mari's 5th Bday Party
Today Mari had a tea party at Mimi & Popi's to celebrate her bday, this was Brady's first but only only tea party he will attend, espcially if Ryan has anything to do with it! Mandi did a great job incorporating the 2 boys, the boys got king crowns & swords instead of princee crowns & necklaces. By the end of the party the boys aka bad guys were chasing the girls with their swords and having a ball!

Big brother wanted to hold Charley while mommy got ready
Sweet girl fell asleep in her brother's arms

Brad at the tea party

Charley at her first tea party

Bday girl

Sipping tea, really water, he didnt like the tea

The boys

Opening presents

Opening presents

Opening presents

Fun outfit we got her

Brady with his sword

Sweet Ryan