Tuesday, September 28, 2010

 Sept 12th
Charley's Dedication
We dedicated Charley at church today. Its just a great example to others that we are genuine about rasing Charley up His way and great accountability for us from our church family that they will be there to guide us and support us in doing that.
We sneaked out of Sunday school to eat before service started and after eating Charley was in such a great mood, I got lots of pics of her smiling!
What was super funny and neat about today, before walking into service the children's director told us that Pastor Craig was talking about Spiritual Reproducing but first talked about human reproducing and had a huge picture of Charley on the back wall, she told us that she hoped he would do it again and he did! It was so hard to focus, her picture was on the back wall for probably 10minutes.

Walking on to stage

Getting a picture with Pastor Craig

My Sweet Boy

Family of Four

The church parying for our sweet Charley

Brady obviously not closing his eyes, lol

Mommy and her sweet girl

If you can imagine her pic during the sermon was bigger than this entire screen


The Watsons said...

I am absolutely loving her big ole salmon colored bow!!! JK has the same dress in 9M, by the way...SO cute!