Monday, February 26, 2007

My First Shower

Feb. 25th was my first shower and it was great! The ironic thing about this date is that 14 years ago yesterday Ryan and I started dating, how crazy! Anywho, is was a great shower, Ryan and I are so blessed to have some many people in ours lives that love us and want to "shower" us and Brady with gifts! We got bottles, first aid stuff, monitors, outfits, my travel system, swing, etc. I've included a couple of pictures of me opening gifts, one of me and my hostess and of course me and my crazy sisters!


Kim said...

YAY! It looks like you had a GREAT shower! Isn't it so fun to start getting all the's all coming together perfectly! I can't wait to see pictures of the nursery all put together - bedding and all! Anyway, love ya and miss ya already! I can't wait to meet Brady, and Jake can't wait to have a new friend! Love you! Kim, Aaron and Jake
PS. I am sorry that my little boy screamed bloody murder half the time we were at your house...maybe next time he'll be out of this "gotta have my momma" stage; but then again, it is precious, so I just have to embrace it, b/c he won't always be like that. And then I'll be crying, wishing he still "had to have me." :)