Saturday, March 03, 2007

My mom took us out today to Nash Farm in Grapevine and took some pictures of us. Ryan and I wanted to be able to capture this amazing and indescrible moment in our lives and I think we nailed it! Ryan was a real trooper, especially since it wa s 40 degrees this morning! We are so ready for Brady to be here, time as flown by and we continue to hope and pray the next month will too! We can't wait to hold, kiss, and just love all over this lil guy! What a miracle, some days I can't even fathom completely that we're going to be parents! I can't imagine ho w I will actaully feel when I get to hold him!


JDG said...

I absolutley LOVE those pictures!! I really wish Josh and I would have done something like that. They will be a great memory for you. You look great! I hope your last month of pregnancy goes well. Brady will be here in no time!

Kim said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE IT!!! But you already know this since I just talked to you on the phone after you posted it. Anyway, but once again, they are SUCH good pictures. I am so excited to meet Brady! And Jake can't wait either! They are bound to be best buds! Wish I could have been out your shower today...makes me sad...sorry that my husbands job interfers. :( Anyway, I hope yall had SO much fun tonight! Love ya! Can hardly wait!