Monday, July 16, 2007

Avery Camile Clemons
One of my best friends Tarenthia and her husband Bradley had a little girl on May 8, just two months shy of Brady. Tarenthia and I first met at Crockett teaching and coaching together and soon became very good friends. Two years ago she left Crockett to go to Irving High, where I joined her the following year. So this past year we were able to work together again and share our pregnancy together; it was Great to have her there this last year, for those who know it was a trying year and thanks to Tarenthia I survived!
Well Avery is now 2 months and her and Brady had another play date on the 11th of July. Compared to her 5 lb 14 oz birth weight she is a a big girl! Tarenthia and I have so much fun togehter, I can't wait for the kids to get big and realize how crazy their mothers are!