Monday, July 16, 2007

El Paso Trip
July 13-15
We drove to El Paso with my mom and dad this last weekend to visit my Aunt Harriet (my mom's sister). She hadn't met Brady yet and her boyfriend Hargrave of 30 yrs or more wanted to meet Ryan and share his gun collection with him. It was about a 10 hr drive or so with stopping of course. Brady was a very good boy considering he was stuck in his car seat for the two days we drove there and back, he had a couple of moments but it was to be expected! We had a great time visiting with Harriet and stuffing our faces with guavas rancheros and her famous ribs and Ryan had a good time exchanging hunting stories with Hargrave and seeing all his guns! And Brady had a good time watching their dogs Miles and Robbie! We made a detour in Abilene to eat at one of Ryan's favorite restaurants and to finish our old stomping ground and while we were there I decided to call Kim, one of my best friends from college who wasn't a roommate but might has well been. She met us at Joe Allen's with her sons Jake and Jack (on the way)! This was the first time for her to see Brady and my first time to see Jake in months, we had a great dinner and visit! Hopefully she coming down soon to visit some more!


Kim said...

Hey! I love the pictures...I think I need them for my blog, too!! :) I am SO GLAD you called and I could run up and see yall. I've missed you...and it was SO GOOD TO SEE BRADY!!! Next time though, I get to hold if's, and's or but's! Jake can just deal with it. :) Brady is absolutely precious...not that I expected anything less...but seriously, he is SUPER cute. I love his face on the one of the 3 of yall at ACU. He has the cutest face! I can't wait to see yall again. Love you and miss you tons!