Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm 5months!
I'm a day early but tomorrow,
August 12th, Brady will be 5months! I can't believe it, it really seems like yesterday
we we're bringing him home! So much has changed in the last couple of weeks he has now tried7 foods, just yesterday he rolled over from our back to our tummy, he has discovered his feet and loves to play with them, he continues to play with his paci, taking it in and out and even purposely opens his mouth wide enough to get the bottom of it in his stuck in his mouth and just talks, it's really funny! He also continues to open his mouth real wide and attack our faces and then he'll cuddle nestled up right in your neck! I hate to say it but he loves TV, he's just fascinated by it, but I've promised Ryan that he won't be one of those fat couch potato kids who does nothing but stays in and watches TV! He is just the happiest baby, especially in the morning, he wakes us up talking and playing in his crib, we can't help but waking up giggling at him!I have a week left with him before school starts and we're going to make the best of it! I'm thinking within the next couple of weeks we will announcing his first tooth and I'm sure much more! I just can't help but thank God everyday! is my sister's b-day, Happy Birthday Mandi!