Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brady is 6 months!

Brady will be 6 months tomorrow, I can hardly believe it! He now has two teeth! He has also had his first ear infection, his first fever, his now sleeping on his stomach and has now tried Chicken Noodle Dinner, Macaroni Tomato Dinner,
Apples & Chicken, Garden Vegetable, and Mixed Vegetable of the 2nd Foods! He loves his foods, not so much his bottles anymore but attacks the foods! He loves water and drank out of his first own sippy cup Sat. I try not to give him a lot but the doctor said a couple of oz of water every once in awhile is okay! The last couple of weeks the poor little guy has not been himself with his ear infection, fever, and teething he's had it rough and so have Ryan and I, but at the end of the day with he looks at you with those huge blue eyes and smiles, it's all forgotten!
I think these might be my favorites pictures thus far, he really looks like a big boy! Just a couple of days beofre this we started working on him sitting up my himself, he can kinda tripod it, for a couple of seconds but man when she started posing him I guess he decided he was big stuff b/c he just sat there! It's kinda of scary how big he looks! And wow what a natural baseball player right?


Kim, Aaron, Jake, and Jack said...

Okay...so that last picture looks just like Ryan to me! Super cute looks from mom, too, though, don't get me wrong. :) Can't believe he's 6 months already. Miss you tons. Like I always say, but I'll say it again, wish we lived closer...Love you.