Sunday, September 02, 2007

I realize I haven't posted in awhile and it's not b/c nothings going on, but the fact my time is limited these days. School has officially started and as much as I'm loving my new job t my new but old school, it is extremely hard to leave Brady everyday. I've been having to go to morning and afternoon practices due to volleyball tryouts so I leave before Brady is even awake and then by the time I pick him up around 5:15ish he falls asleep immediately when we get in the car b/c he wears himself out at daycare and sleeps for a several hours and when he wakes up it's time to eat dinner and go to bed. I guess it will make me look forward to weekends especially ones like this weekend.
Brady Update...He now has a tooth that has broken through but is not fully grown, we first noticed it on Wed. 22nd. (It's the bottom left tooth) We we're ganging out in the living room when I noticed it was being a little fussy, I realized I hadn't checked his gums in awhile so I put my finger in there and felt it and then saw it; and of course I got extremely excited, grabbed Brady and ran outside to tell Ryan who was mowing the yard at the time. In the last week it has popped out a little bit each day and then yesterday Sept. 1 I saw the signs of another one right next to it. He is still a little wiggle worm and a happy baby despite the teeth and an ear infection in both ear. Yes, he is now getting over his first ear infection. Ryan had to take him to the doctor all by himself on the 27th my first day of school! We caught it early so he really hasn't been unhappy, it just tugs on them every once in awhile. Ryan has been such a big help lately taking him to the doctor, taking him to daycare the last week, and watching him during my runs. (I don't think I've told everyone, but I'm training for another marathon, I know, I'm crazy!) Brady will be 6 months on the 12th, so be looking for a post of 6 month pics!
Other news, my sister Mandi is pregnant with her second, due Feb. 29th, yes yeap year! She is 14 wks, we're very excited! Ryan's sister Stephanie as now graduated from college and her little girl Braeleigh will be 1 yr on the 14th, which is just crazy! Ryan and I leave for Chicago/South Bend on the 21st. I bought Ryan Notre Dame tickets for his birthday, so we're leaving Friday morning and going to a baseball game at Wrigley Field that afternoon and then going to the Notre Dame game Sat. We're staying in Chicago through Sunday. Brady is actually not getting to go, he will stay with my mom Friday night and Ryan's mom Sat. night. We we're going to have to buy him a ticket to get into the Notre Dame game which was just silly! It will be extremely hard for us to leave him, but we did have a practice run @ my mom's house on the 17th and will d0 a practice run @ Ryan's mom's soon! Courtney, one of my best friends oldest little girl Avery turned 4, we celebrated @ Chucky Cheese! I met up with another one of my best friends Jennifer Dearden a couple of weeks ago for dinner. She had her little boy Jack with her , Ryan , her little girl was with her grandma seeing The Wizard of Oz. Here our a few pictures of Jack and Brady at dinner, they had a lot of fun together!