Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday 16th...
Brady First Trip to Copeland's and First Highchair Experience @ Restaurant
Copeland's is the Katterich Family's favorite Restaurant to go for special occasions, they have the best Crawfish and dipping sauce! We used to drive to Addison to go eat @ this place but a couple of years ago it upped and disappeared and the only one we knew of was in Louisiana and we we're not about to drive there. My brother-in-law however discovered a newly built Copeland's in Grapevine so after many years of being deprived we got our Copeland's again. This obviously was Brady's first trip there and as you can see our big guy sat in his first high chair @ a restaurant, I almost started crying b/c he looked so big. You can see he was a little small so I put my purse behind him to keep him up.