Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Getaway..
Chicago:Cubs @ Wrigley Field/South Bend:Notre Dame
As most of you know Ryan is a HUGE Notre Dame Fan so for his birthday (back in June) I bought him tickets to a game. As you can imagine, he was thrilled. Unknown to me all living human things have to have a ticket, which meant that we would have had to buy one for Brady which meant another 300+ so I made a executive decision to just buy two tickets, and after many failed attempts to figure out how to get him there anyway we left him behind. As much as we missed him and worried about him we were able to have a great time just the two of us! We made a weekend of it, Ryan decided to stay in Chicago b/c it was cheaper. He bought us tickets to the Cubs game as well. So Friday morning after arriving we made our way down to Wrigley, we probably got their 2 1/2 hrs early and it was packed! It was amazing, the stadium was amazing and packed with Real Fans! After winning 13 to 8 the entire stadium sang the Go Cubs Go song, I've never experienced so much exciting tradition! Come Saturday morning we woke up real early and went back to the airport to rent a car and headed to South Bend, we ended up getting a convertible and crusin' with the top down! The Notre Dame trip was amazing, to walking the campus, to visiting the biggest campus bookstore I've ever seen, to watching the game! The tradition in the school was awesome, the fans were pumped the entire game despite the loosing season. You can see in the pictures the stadium was huge and packed! I haven't been that excited about watching a football game since Ryan played, it still gives me chills to think about it, I'm really speechless! And even though they didn't win we did get to see their first and second offensive touchdowns of the year. It was a terrific weekend, one we will never forget! It was a huge deal to leave Brady behind but we knew he was in goods hands and we really headed up having a weekend full of excitement! I have tons more pictures but these are a few I thought everyone would enjoy!
Outside Wrigley Field
Cubs Score Board
Us @ Wrigley taken by a guy who later was eating his buggers
The Players...and check out the Ivey and Fans
The Fans

Old Chicago Sign

Chicago @ Night

A beautiful building in downtown Chicago

Ryan and I in the convertible

Notre Dame

Touchdown Jesus

Outside the stadium

Pics from the inside, the band spelling out Irish

There's Touchdown Jesus from the inside

Check out the fans waving white towels

Check out all the people

First Offensive Touchdown for the year

Second Offensive Touchdown for the year