Monday, October 01, 2007

Brady's a BIG BOY!
Brady can now sit for several minutes, hes getting to be such a big boy and he knows it too! He just looks @ you and smiles like he's sayin "look @ me!"
Brady LOVES Ebony and Lucky!
Brady just loves the dogs! Everytime there in the room, he stops whatever his noting to stop and look @ them and he watches them wherever they go. Last night he just sat there and petted Lucky forever, and Lucky let him. These pictures are actaully from yesterday.

Brady Got a Hold of A Cracker!

Brady got a hold a cracker yesterday and instead of sucking on it like most kids, he used his two teeth and took a bite of it, so Ryan and I learned quickly that letting him have a cracker isn't wise!


Brady has had a rough week! He first throw up @ daycare on Wed. 26th morning, so I picked him up a little early, he seemed to be feeling fine and even hate his food for me @ dinner time even though he wasn't interested @ daycare, we'll not 30 minutes later he threw up all over the place, him, the wall, the changing table, luckily we we're changing him into his pjs so he was naked. He was coming out his nose and mouth and this is the first time it actaully smelled like grown up throw up. I immediately started crying and gagging, thankfully Ryan and my friend Hillary from work were there to help! So, Thursday I had Brady stay with my mom and all day he seemed fine other than several diarrea diapers and he wasn't eating his food. I called the nurse and they have me some tips to help but said it wasn't necessary to bring him in b/c he didn't have fever. He was fine all night and then as soon as we walked into the caycare Friday he threw up all over himself in the carseat and he couldn't breathe b/c of all his snot. I have never seen so much snot/flem in my life. Our poor little guy was seriously after that chocking and coughing up so much snot he could catch he breathe, so I made an appt. @ the doctor. And after a chest x-ray and an examine, the doctor said it was just a virus. Neither Ryan and I were really happy with that response but what could we do? It was proven to be a virus after several and I mean several diarrera diapers and after I came down with it on Sunday and am still having syptoms. Crazy thing is even after all of this there wer only a coupld of times you could even tell Brady was sick b/c he was just playing, talking, and smiling like his usual self!


Kim, Aaron, Jake, and Jack said...

What a cute little guy! He is getting so big! Love ya! Hope to see you soon! COME FOR HOMECOMING!!!