Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Lil' Stinker is 7 months!

Brady turned 7 months on Friday, sorry I'm a little behind. We obviously went ahead and took his Halloween pics for his 7 months pics and he's a Skunk! He wasn't really in he's normal smiling mood, I guess he was really trying to fit the stinker part and giving mischievous looks on some. I can't believe he is already 7 months, it's crazy! We are finally well again and back to doing our normal thing. He is a talker, he just loves to talk, talk, talk, and he knows actually what he is saying. He loves when we, especially his daddy says Dada to him over and over again! He loves sitting in his big boy high chair to eat @ home and restaurants now and to sit in the actual seatt in the grocery basket instead of his car seat! There isn't a food he doesn't like, last night (14th) we actually gave him his first cookie, I think there supposed to wait a little longer to have one but his so interested in everything we eat and he loves to help feed himself, I thought we would try it and he loved it! As soon as he sees his bottle or food, he takes out his paci and throws it, it's the funniest thing! He loves his mommy's hair too, he loves to pull and swirl when trying to go to sleep and/or eat it when were playing, which I try to stop of course! He loves his bath, sitting up now, he kicks his feet, splashes, and eats his yellow ducky! He still loves to be outside especially riding along with mommy in his jogging stroller. He will just be as calm as can be and just look around and take everything in around him! He's thinking about crawling but just thinking about it. He can do a complete circle when laying on his stomach to turn around and see the dogs or a toy. At times he buries his end in the blanket and tries to scoot backwards. He is sitting better each day! We've started to have to use a humidifier every night along with a air purifier to help with Brady's congestion and/or allegories whatever it is. That's it for now, be looking for Pumpkin Patch and School/Church Fall Festival pictures here in the next couple of weeks!

Don't know if you can see it, but his little bum says lil' stinker

His wearing one of his My First Halloween shirts.

First Cookie, he loved it, it was all over the place, we ended up having to throw it away because he dropped so many times there was dog hair all over it, gross I know!