Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nov. 27th
Brady's First Halloween Party!
My friend and co-worker Hillary (yes, we have the same name, but mine's better b/c it only has one l, right Hillary?) had a Halloween party last Sat. night, Brady wore his Skunk costume and I had t-shirts made for Ryan and I, which Ryan wore after some very serious convincing! Brady was a little ladies man, there were 2 little girls that were just loving on him and the funny thing is Hillary had got him a little shirt from Gap that said Ladies Man, so I guess it's true!

Okay, so Brady STARTED CRAWLING, yes you heard me correctly, CRAWLING, right now more of an army crawl, his working on getting on one knee, but not there yet. My mom watched him Sat. morning briefly while I took some pictures, and she said something to me about him moving a little and I didn't believe her, so later that day Ryan and I put him on the floor and for sure, he just started moving a little, out of no where, but I really didn't see it b/c I went in the Kitchen b/c I gave up! I tried to take pics and video but as soon as I got it out he stopped. Later that night after changing his diaper @ Hillary's he saw the wipes and just started moving, I got real excited and started screaming, I know hard to believe, right? Anyway, everytime I yelled he would stop turn around look at me smile and keep going like he knew he was doing something good, and he was proud too!

Be looking for Halloween pics from Tonight, Ryan and I are taking him to our church's Fall Festival and then Thursday night we will be going to the Fall Festival @ my school!
Our Lil stinker
We LOVE Skunks!
Mommy and her lil Skunk
Hillary also got him this little Halloween Mr. Potato head, he had a ghost sheet and everything!
This is Brady and the other Hillary who is expecting a baby on Brady's exact due date March 28th, which of course we know he decided don't to wait until! Hillary, Brady, and Carolyn (one of the other coaches I work with)
Brady sees an objects and goes after it!