Thursday, November 01, 2007

Brady's First Halloween

Last night we took Brady to the Fall Festival @ our Church to celebrate his very first Halloween! We stayed about a hour and mingled and showed him off to everyone. We went with my Mom (Mimi) and my sister Mandi and brother-in-law Chris and their little girl Mari and then my other sister Tanya and her kiddos Kaylee, Kendra, and Chase got there right as we were leaving. I'm sure glad they did too, but Brady finally started smiling when Chase started talking to him oh and of course as soon as we left and went to dinner and then was he the best mood ever when we stopped by our friends Tim and Kara's house. Our last festivity will be tonight @ my school's Fall Festival and then we're hanging up the skunk costume, until possible another little stinker comes!
Brady hanging out in the grass, he started pulling the grass and eating it!
Me and my lil stinker
The back of my shirt, the skunks tails make a heart, hee, hee!

Mari as a private, she say Urgh
Mari playing a game
Chris, Mari, and Mandi
Mimi and Brady

Mari & Brady
All of our kids

Brady laughing @ Chase
Brady still laughing @ Chase
Laughing @ the restaurant
Brady playing with Kara's pumpkin that Tim proposed with
Still playing