Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 19th
Brady's First Trip To Six Flags
My neice Kendra had her 11th b-day party @ Six Flags and Ryan was out of town so I thought what the heck, let's be brave and take Brady, and he was such a good boy! he was just looking around at everything! (It was my neice Mari's first time as well!) I was prepared to leave early and get home to put Brady to bed but he ended up falling asleep in his carseat and let mommy stay the entire time! My sister Mandi a couple of weeks ago found a peanuts Halloween shirt @ Target and I loved it, so I decided to get me one before meeting them @ Six Flags, we'll come to find out, Mandi had hers on too, so I bought one for my sister Tanya so we would all be alike, chessy I know, but we had fun with it! I had such a good time, I love spending time with my sisters especially with all of our kids! Brady couldn't find his smile, but was in a happy boy regardless
The Kids love getting their pictures taken at the old timey place, they had a gangster outfit for Brady!
My sister Tanya works @ Six Flags partime with the Kodak people and one of her jobs is to walk around with the Grim Reaper so their good buds, this is Brady and I, look how excited he looks!
Some of them are cutout but this is Kendra and her friends, Kendra is the one behind Mari, and my neice Kaylee is directly behind her, Chase is to the left of Mari cutout for some reason
Brady takes a picture with Batman and Robin
My sister's and I in our matching shirts
Mari, Brady, and I waiting for the kids to get done riding a ride
Mandi and Mari- Oh IT'S A GIRL; I forgot I've haven't blogged Mandi and Chris are having another little girl Chase and Mari being silly!
My oldest sister Tanya and I, I being to think we look alike