Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Pictures I promised from the Reunion...
Sorry these are so late, things have been real crazy! Okay so that's me as stiff as a board laying across the chairs.
Another view of me, look how straight I am!
This is one of my dear friends from elementary, middle school, and high school, April Burns and yes she's sitting on me and I'm still straight. I know it looks like he's holding her but people tell me all her weight was on me and as you can see I'm still straight as a board!
Everytime he said sleep we would fall over and look like this, I'm the 3rd one from the right! Some of the other things people said I need that was a hoot was him making me jump out of my seat everytime he said fun b/c I thought I "felt" like I was sitting on a tack, laughing hysterical to the pt my makeup was running and snorting b/c he told me everyone was naked, and crying when I got pulled over for speeding and was told I was going to jail! It was pretty crazy, so I hear, I don't remember everything!
This is April and after sitting on me
Some of the boys of High School

I know they're more pictures out there but people haven't sent them to me yet!