Friday, January 11, 2008

Dec. 25th
Boozer Christmas
After having our first family Christmas morning together we went to Nana & Grandpa's had Christmas there. Nana made breakfast, we opened presented & Brady & Braeleigh entertained us! The kids are some great clothes & toys and us big kids got a digital slide show picture frame which I believe we both really wanted! And Nana & Grandpa got there pictures & calendar.

Our little Family

Braeleigh & Steph opening Braeleigh gifts
Brady trying to rip a bow off

The kids got puffs in their stockings & they were eating them like they were going out of style, they were all over the floor

Eating puffs

Braeleigh eating a handful of puffs & Steph in the background shaking her head
Brady making his oh face while looking our family picture
The kids opening presents
The kids again

Braeleigh & Grandpa
Braeleigh admiring the pictures we gave Nana & Grandpa
Nana & Grandpa looking @ their present
Brady was fascinated with the ornaments he would take them off look @ them & then try to put them back on & then start all over again
Hangin with Nana

The Mitchell Family