Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dec. 25th
Brady's First Christmas!
I can honestly say this was the best Christmas ever, having a kiddo makes Holidays so much more special. This was actually Ryan & mine first Christmas morning to wake up in our home, since my family never celebrated Christmas morning, I started, I think my junior year in high school, spending the night @ the Boozer's and waking up with them Christmas morning. So this was special for Ryan & I for that reason and also & more importantly having Brady. We actually had to wake him up b/c luckily he's a late sleeper & we had to get to the Boozers @ 9:30, we were late of course. Anyway, Brady was so fun to watch, he attempted to opened, things but really just ate the paper, which would have saved us a bunch of money just to give him paper but what's the fun in not spending money, right?
Good Morning & Merry Christmas Big Boy!
My First Christmas PJs
Giggling while tearing paper
Mommy, Brady, & Daddy
We got him a baseball tee

Batter up! Look @ me guys!
Crawling around all his presents
Mommy, Brady, & Daddy again
Daddy & Brady reading one his books
Giggling again, what a great shot, what a ham

Making his Oh face again
Posing with all his presents
"Wow, look @ all of my presents!"
Ryan's present to me. I came home one night after one of my games & this was in my living room. I had asked for a antique pew bench & Ryan found this, much better! There antique theater seats from Paris. He found an antique store in Grapevine that takes 2 trips a year to Paris & brings make things! Isn't it gorgeous?
Ryan's mug I made him with pics of Brady & our little family

Some shirts I got Ryan, it was supposed to be a small Christmas for us, but of course I stuck to the budget & Ryan didn't