Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dec. 23rd
Trainer/Katterich Christmas
After having Christmas with the Alcorns, we ended to my parent's house to have our Christmas with her sister Drusilla & her family. In the past we always did Christmas Eve with them @ my parents house, had mexican food, & then went to the Christmas Eve service @ church but in the last couple of years or so, Drusilla, along with all her kids have moved to N. Richland Hills area & have moved churches so this year we decided we would start doing Christmas with the Trainers the Sat. before Christmas. We would still eat mexican food, but we added white elephant gift exchange & games.

Brady opening his first airplane, whch had a grover & elmo figurine inside, which he loves

The family gather for white elephant

My third cousins Hollyan & Logon

Watching cousin Darren opening his gift

My brother-in-law got stuck with a girly book

My family loves playing 42 or dominos