Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve @ my parents was a little chaotic for me anyway, unfortunately, I got a little wrapped up in the unimportant stuff like Brady being a little fussy & things not going just right instead of remebering what Christmas is really about & just being with family! Next year to help with the chaos we've decided to let all the kids open first so everyone can see, get pictures, etc. I absolutely love being at my parents house anytime during the holidays, my mom & I share the same passion for decorating our houses, all though I've got nothing on her.
Ryan quickly trying to get through Brady's present's to keep him happy!
Brady loves his football
I know you're probably not believing me that Brady was fussy after seeing this
My sisters & I put together photos of all of us & grandkids & gave my parents an album & calendar, they both cried
My nieces & nephew got a Wei from my parents
Yes, that's Pixie, I ended up giving Pixie away to my sister Tanya & her kids, I just wasn't able to spend the time with her that she really needed.

Mari got bedding for her big girl bed, b/c little sister will be her soon

Chris is a postman & my mom found the cutest mailbox with mail for Mari

"Mom loves me Best!" My sisters & I posing in our new shirts my mom got us; each of us is always saying were her favorite so she got us these shirts.

Brady is so looking to have 2 small cousins Mari & Braeleigh that just adore him, & the big cousins love him just as much

Mari was playing peekaboo with Brady, he was just giggling.