Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan 12, 2008
Brady is 10 months
It is crazy to believe that Brady is actually 10 months which means in exactly 2 months he will be a year, it really just seems impossible! I forgot to mention in his 9 month post that he weighed 18.10lbs & was 29 inches long. I know not even 20lbs, as you can see in the pics below he's really just a little guy, with a hint of a belly sometimes! Well, we're continuing to sleep really well, eating more new table foods each day, one of his favorites now, mac & cheese. Friday the 11th he started sitting up for his chill pose & he's just everywhere! He just loves to play, talk done stop, mama, dada, bye, bye, etc., trying to pull up on everything, his just the happiest baby, we're so very blessed!
I also forgot to mention that Ryan will be starting a new job March 1st after working at Rainbow for nearly 11 yrs he will be moving into commercial real estate, his extremely excited but a little scared too as you can imagine! Keep us in your prayers please as he starts this new endeavor!


Kim, Aaron, Jake, and Jack said...

Absolutely adorable! Wish I could squeeze him! Love ya!