Friday, January 11, 2008

Jan. 8, 2008
Bath Time Fun

Brady came up Tuesday from daycare & starting doing this tongue thing. He had discovered his tongue several weeks back but we figured out now his tongue had found his teeth! He literally did it all night, I was a little worried he would never stop! About end of Nov or Dec Brady decided he didn't like baths anymore and I could never figure out why, then something just clicked one day we discovered he could swim! He is a litte fish now, moving all around, kicking, splashing, & giggling, our bath time now last about 30 min & probably could go longer if I let it

Look what I discovered mom!
New discovering from a different angle


Chill pose in the bath

After every bath we wrap up & I say "Snug as a Bu in a Rug"
so here's my little Sung Bug

Dec. 5th: Playtime outside

Sat. headed up being a beautiful day, the sun was out & it was nice & warm, & Ryan was home, so we decided to have some family time outside! Brady continues to love his walker & he had a lot of fun in the leaves as well, as you can see! Kim & Aaron hope you like the pics of Brady in his Honkey Tonk Kid shirt!

Wee, Look @ me!

Down heel, is even more fun!

Playing in the leaves

Jan 2, 2008: Walker

I had some returns to make @ Babies R Us & decided to buy Brady a walker as much as he loves to walk b/c Ryan & mine backs are killing us! I know some people don't agree with them including my sister, but Ryan & I know it's not a babysitter! Anyway he loves, he usually just goes in circles over & over again.

Priceless Grin & Giggle

His oh face again

Chilling in Bed with Ebony


Kim, Aaron, Jake, and Jack said...

LOVE the shirt...of course...but anyway, he is super cute! Yall have such a precious little boy! Can't wait to oneday see #2, #3, #4, etc. :) Love ya!