Monday, February 04, 2008

Feb. 1st
First of Many BooBoos
Now that Brady is more mobile he tends to fall and/or run or bump into things, but really hasn't caused any real booboos to himself until Friday that is. I picked him up at daycare Friday and my poor little man was sitting in a little chair with an ice pack on his head. It took everything for me not to cry after seeing how upset his teacher was, so I waited to cry until I got in the car. I know it's silly and more serious injuries are to follow but the first time you see your child in pain, it just breaks your heart! It seems he thinks he can walk and was standing up playing and just let go to try to move to the mext toy and just crashed head first into it. The knot was hardly noticable the next day luckily and about 45 mintues after the accident he was back to his normal self. The funny thing is his teacher said when she was giving him a little TLC rocking him after it happened, she said he was patting her on the back; what a sweetheart!