Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Feb. 9th


Well, it's been a very long, trying season, but we pulled it off! My 8th grade girls A team went undefeated and won City! We got a bye Friday night, but played first thing Sat. morning and beat that team quite a bit and that put us directly into the Championship game! I was beyond nervous, my stomach was in knots! We had played who we thought was going to be opponent twice already and had beat them but they were tough games! Sure enough it we played that previous oponent and my girls game out ready to play and ended up winning by 20pts.

The team after winning!

This picture was actaully taken after winning the Preseason Tournament
Celebrating after the win!
One of our team pictures we took; after playing one of our first games, I learned very quickly that has much talent that I had that they were crazy; I got bad one game and told them I didn't sign up to coach a bunch of gangsters, so their pretending their behind bars, lol!

After the game the girls went over to one of the teammates house and had pizza and cake!