Friday, April 04, 2008

March 12, 2008
Yippee Ka Yea, Brady's 1 today!
Wow, I know I say it all the time but time really does fly! Our lil boy is growing up way to fast! Brady woke up this morning like every other morning and we started our morning routine. I decided give him a little treat for breakfast since was his b-day, so I got him some donut holes, which he was not a fan of, his not into sweets so much! His mimi picked him up early from daycare and I picked him up and headed home to meet Ryan, of course after I got some pictures of him fishing! Ryan and I decided to take him to a little pizza buffet around the corner from our house, he was a little fussy and not eating as much as usually and he kept pulling Ryan's arm to him and laying on it, but I just though he might be fussy b/c he was tired, well about 15 minutes after being home from dinner, he proved us wrong, and throw up all over himself in the grass outside luckily! Ryan just thought it was a fluke b/c he'd been real snotty, so Ryan thought he just got sick from all that! So we threw him in the bath and decided to go ahead and head to our church and play b-ball like we were planning, and as we were about to exit Brady threw up in his car seat, so we took a detour to Mimi and Popi's house and Brady and I ended up spending the night there! Luckily, my spring break was the next week b/c this bug ended up lasted almost 1 1/2 and when I thought he was getting better, Sat. 15th he woke up with a rash, and ended up having pityirisis rosea and an ear infection. So needless to say, Brady and mom and dad, had a pretty rough week! What a remember able birthday, which proved to be not just an ordanary day for sure!

Brady's 1 year Kiddie Kandid Pics

Brady @ daycare with his first donut hole, he really doesn't like getting dropped off in the morning, this was the only pic I got that he wasn't crying

@ Mimi's fishing, one of his favorite things to do now, his fishing puzzle.

Look guys, I caught one!
Ryan and I took him to a little pizza buffet around the corner from our house, he loves pizza, tonight was the first time, he actaully thought he was a big boy and wanted to eat straight from mommy's slice
This should have been a sign things were fixing to go down hill
Walking with dad right before he threw up all over himself

What a precious big boy smile


Steph H. said...

Wow, I can't believe Brady is 1! He is so cute!!! The pictures from his party are priceless! You did a great job on those cut outs.