Thursday, April 03, 2008

March 8th
Brady's Birthday Party
Brady's birthday party was a hit, a huge hit! Our house was so packed, I made Ryan set up the washer boards so they could play washers! As you can see it was a western theme party! You know how I love taking pictures, so I was trying to think of a fun way to get all the kids pictures and think of a fun party favor, so I painted a cowboy and cowgirl cut outs and Ryan cut them out and it worked perfect, even the grown ups had fun with them!
When everyone first arrived we mingled a little inside and then the kids headed to the new playground and the men headed out front to play washers, while some stayed in and played video games!
Then came presents, there were so many though, we had to stop opening and let Brady eat his cake because he was getting tired quickly and ready for a nap!
We decided to do cake in the garage to help with mess, he wasn't real sure what he thought of the cake but he eventually ate a few bites!
After that we headed back in and I got to open the rest of his present while Brady had a bottle and got ready for his nap! It was so much fun, I honestly was in shock all day that we were actaully celebrated Brady's b-day, he just doesn't seem big enough to be a year already!

Our Lil Cowboy
Brady and me

Popi and Mimi

Shane and April who are expecting a little girl in July, I can't wait!

Trae and Shane

Cousin Jordan

Cousin Kaylee

Friends Layton & Cooper

Aunt Mandi & Phoebe

Cousin Mari

Cousin Braeleigh

Cousin Chase

Silly Popi & Grandpa

Friends Jack & Ryan

Friend Avery & Mommy Tarenthia

Friends Andrew & Austin

Brady and Friend Audra who are 2 days apart

Brady in his western get up outside

Playing washers

Playing on the playground

Avery swinging

PRESENT TIME: I know his eyes are closed but I wanted you to get a good look @ all these presents!

Cousin Braeleigh & Mari helped us open

The Blanket & Paci come out, Brady's getting sleepy!


His cakes!

I had to help get him started

My Boys, Brady throwing his arms up, "I'm pooped!"

Headed to sleep, in Hillary's arms, while Popi tries to get a last smile


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