Monday, April 07, 2008

March 29th
Stroll for Epilepsy/Brady's First Zoo Trip
Ryan, Brady, and I joined my sister Mandi, brother-n-law Chris, and kiddos Mari and Phoebe in the Stroll for Epilepsy which happens to take place @ the Dallas Zoo. Chris started doing this walk for his mother several years ago in memory of his mother and usually we just donate but this year Ryan and I decided we wanted to participate!
It was a bit cold outside, but we had a fun time, Brady wasn't as interested in the animals as I was thought he might be, he had more fun laughing and playing with his cousin Mari!
The entire crew after the stroll, Phoebe won some blocks for being the youngest walker

Boozer Bunch @ the stroll, Brady was ready for his nap @ this point

Brady had the most fun standing in front of this fence around the flamingos, which when I was a little girl I referred to them as turkeys
Mari helped push Brady around


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