Wednesday, April 09, 2008

March 30th
Old School/New School
My church used to put on an Old school (staff and teachers) vs New school (students) every year to help raise money for the youth department, Ryan and I have been fortunate to compete on both sides, but these year we were on the Old School team along with my dad, who has a mean hook shot especially for being 59! It's been several years since we've had the game but this year they decided to bring it back and we won beat the students 99 to 98, mom tired to get the score in the background, but the students changed the score, sore losers I guess, jk! Brady cheered for all of us in the stands with my mom, I even made him a shirt!


ashleyolin said...

Hey Hilary!! It's Ashley Olin!! Your blog is precious!! As well as sweet little Brady! Chance and I are moving to FW June 8th and I was going to see where ya'll live and where you go to church? I saw Ryan last year at a TCU game (we have season tickets b/c my husband went there)..but I would love to catch up! Email me @