Thursday, May 08, 2008

April 26th
Babysitting Braeleigh/Bridal Portraits
We got to babysit my niece today, the kiddos had so much fun, they had us running all over the place trying to keep up with them! This is the 2 of them playing with Brady's books in his room, I think they pulled down every book he owns!

Later we took the both of them to a charity softball game Ryan and I played in well, I ended up just batting b/c I was running around chasing the both of them! They ran around throwing a softball, eating hot dogs and every snack imaginable, it's so fun to have them so close in age!

Bridal Portraits

I had to drop the kiddos off @ my mom's house so I could go take some bridal portraits of a very sweet friend of mine, Laura, who is my college roommate, Ann's, little sister, whose wedding I doing as well in 2 wks. Here's just a couple of colleges I created, check out my website sometime, it's still under construction but should be up and running soon! I'm really trying to get my photography business going!