Friday, September 05, 2008

August 20th
Averie turns 5
Courtney and Colby's little girl Averie celebrated her bday today! It was @ a Pump it Up but Brady and I were extremely late b/c I had practice, we made it just in time to eat pizza, cake, and open presents! Brady was kinda being a grouch again, he actually had some more teeth coming in, I know crazy, he already has a mouth full! He did have a coupld of moments of happiness and one was caught on camera, he figured out how to drink a Capri sun and was so excited, by little boy is growing up!

Averie opening our gift

Averie eating cake

The kids are checking out her princess cake

Brady by the girls making a grouchy face

Brady finally happy

My big boy drinking a Capri Sun

Kennedie eating some cake