Friday, September 12, 2008

Sept. 12th
Our Baby is 18 months
I say it every month but I really can't believe it, he's so big! What happen to my tiny baby?
Brady now has 14 teeth, he's gotten really good at his baby sign language, though his more looks like a time out sign, he rubs his belly instead of his chest for please and his thank you looks like his blowing a kiss. But he actually says more and signs and just yesterday he said thank you, on the way to school after I gave him a pancake, my heart just smiled! He is addicted to Barney and points to any TV he passes and says barney. He still loves to play outside, epecially with his little tikes car a friend gave us! He still eats all day long and his growing right out of his shoes, but his clothes are barely 18months!
I keep having these emotional moments, where I just look and him and want to cry b/c he's so big! Like yesterday when he said thank you and when we were out eating mexican food and he had a hot sauce bowl all to him self, dipping and everything, and a couple of nights ago when I peeked on him sleeping and he was sprawled out on his back taken up the entire bed almost!
I had some shirts made for Brady so he could support his mommy and her lady tigers, although I had strict instructions from daddy that lady could not be anywhere on the Brady or his shirts. The night I got them I had to put them and see how they fit. I had Boozer put on the back, and I just got flashes of the future, watching him playing ball wearing his very own jersey, oh, I can't wait!
He has the most precious and contagious smile!

My lil Boozer
Just looking at mommy
He loves to hold up his hand and say stop like mommy taught him before we go into the street
Stop Mommy and look for cars
If your happy and you know clap your hands