Friday, October 17, 2008

I know I'm a little behind, almost a month actual, sorry, work has kept me extremely busy! I will do my best to sum up the events of this last fun filled busy month!
Sept. 16th
Brady's BooBoos
Brady had a rough week, it's making be realize more and more how much of a little boy he is. He his head became the target of swinging toy @ daycare and got a little booboo on his eye. Unforunately I was at my game that night so I didn't even to get to see him or the booboo until the next day. Then on thursday he was @ his Mimi and Popi's house and was climbing around on pillows and fell and bumped his head on their fireplace, ouch! It's a good thing he's tough!
Daycare booboo

Fireplace booboo