Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept. 15th
Brady gets Promoted and I'm realizing Brady is not a baby anymore :(
This morning when I dropped Brady off at school they told me he was getting promoted to a new class for big boys! I started to panic a little when I looked and saw there were no beds...they take naps on mats! My baby is too little to sleep on a mat! Everyday something new like this hits me and I realize my baby is not not a baby anymore, his becoming a big boy! right before my eyes!


jamie said...

looks like we're gonna have a little girl for brady to date! (if things don't work out with averie, gracie, or kennadie!) haha

The Shull Family said...

I wanted to see you guys after church on Sunday but my family rushed me out! We need to see you soon!!!! Have a great week!