Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oct. 11th
Brady's First time to the State Fair
Brady and I went with Nanny and Booga and cousin Braeleigh to the fair today. It happened to be TX/OU weekend, but we started off being there when the game was going on so the fair grounds weren't that crazy! We had a blast, Brady and Braeleigh had a hay day together! Brady had a corn dog, fried smores, fried green beans, part of my turkey leg, some fried chips, lemonade, and I'm sure I'm leaving something out, Booga made us spend every tsingle icket! This was our first full day with no paci, it was actually was great b/c he was so busy, he didn't even notice, he actually fell asleep in the stroller for about 20 minutes w/out too!
Brady really didn't know what to think of Big Tex and was actually a little scared of all the animals too, surprisingly, I think he was just pooped! Overall we had a long, tiring, yet fun filled day! Thanks Nanny and Booga!
Brady and I in front of Big Tex
The kids at our first stop, the car show
Brady's first bite of a Flecther's State Fair Corn Dog
Nanny with her kiddos
Taking a peek of a kids show, Brady left his sunglasses on forever
Getting some snacks and checking out all the birds
This Ugly Thing was catching everyone's attention
This mallard was HUGE
Posing with the kiddos @ the Petting Zoo

There were lots of mommy animals with their babies

Brady Cheesin

This is made of sand, it's it cool?
Brady passed out

We hung out @ the green houses, Nanny and Booga decided to buy one, so the kids and I hung out outside