Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oct. 12th
Brady's 19 months
Brady is 19 months and growing! He is going to be Frankenstein for Halloween, since he is mommy and daddy's little monster! He once again took the most adorable pictures!
It's amazing how Brady is changing each day! He is talking up a storm, even started to make small sentences, you can play the parrot game with him, you know, "Brady can you say...?" and he'll attempt to repeat everything! Some of his new words are: spider (he can actually does the itsy bisty spider hand motions), mon for monkey and he makes monkey actions with his arms, He can pretty much say every one's name, Mimi, Popi, Nanny, Booga, Mari, Brae, Chase, Kendra, Kaylee, Kara, Tim Tata for Tanya, and something that resembles Mandi, etc. He says cup, trash, water, car, keys, etc. He also has animal sounds and actions, he still roars like a lion, he will do a duck sound, honk, honk, he moos when you ask him what a cow says, he attempts to bark or woof, when you ask him what a puupy says.
He also has started sleeping in the twin bed in his room, we bought a rail, we discovered that he likes the big beds surrounded with pillows. Although, he doesn't seem to be in his room long, he's having some trouble sleeping, since we took the paci away! He finally weighs 25 lbs, 26 to be exact.
He continues to love to be outside, he's absolutely is in love with his daddy, in fact, throws the biggest fit in the middle of the night if his daddy doesn't hold him, it actually is a little hard to take, mommy gets her feelings hurt! He still loves Barney, he actually has started to try and sing along with the songs and of course dance too!
It really is amazing, how he's just really starting to turn into his own little person, he's so independant, wants to do everything by himself! My baby is not a baby anymore!


Carissa said...

Brady as Frankenstein = Too cute!