Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oct. 18th
Ryan's Flag football game/Picnic
Ryan has started playing in a flag football league with some friends of ours from high school, and this week they needed an extra player so he asked Tim to join him. So, Kara, Mandi (she needed to get out of the house, Chris was out of town), and I and of course the kids went to the game and had a little picnic. Mari and Brady had a blast together, we brought his little football and they threw it around!
Mandi ended up hanging out with us the rest of the day and later that evening the kids went outside to play on the playground! Brady hadn't been out there in awhile, the little dare devil, got right up there and slide head first without thinking twice about it!
Picnic Time

Phoebe and her thing 2 onesie

Ryan is actually playing quaterback, this is him getting ready to throw and Tim blocking!

Brady playing catch with Ryan during a break

The kiddos talking to Ryan

My precious future baby boy football star

On the Playgroud
My dare devil

He was coming down so fast this is what I got of his landing
We made him come down feet first this time