Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nov. 5th
Passing the Time
Brady and I have been home sick, the last 2 days, yesterday it started just him being sick then by the time lunch time got around I was sick too! Today he's feeling lots better, and I do too, just don' t have a lot of energy, so I've pretty much been doing everything possible to make Brady happy and pass the time today, I love being home with him, but there's nothing worse than not feeling well and having to deal with an unhappy baby! So going outside usually does the trick, on the way out this morning, he grabbed Ryan's hat and put it on! He says to me, "hat mommy" and looked at me and gave me the biggest grin! And of course, I smiled and grabbed the camera, it's moments like this that you forget how tired, sick, or grumpy you feel, when your little one can just smile at you and make it all go away!