Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nov. 7th


We took Brady to the Irving Football game Friday night, we played our biggest rival Macarthur High School and we won! We're headed to playoffs! For those who aren't familar, years ago, they came up with Smack Mac saying and Smack Mac t-shirts are always a big sale! I made Brady is very own Smack Mac shirt (I actually took and printed the proof of the shirt that Kyle @ Finish Line did for us, thanks Kyle!) and we went to the game with Tim and Kara and Robbie and Melissa, our youth minister and his wife! We went to Chilis before the game for dinner and then headed to the game! Brady was a good boy at the game, he just sat in his daddy's lap and watched the game! He did get a hold of a pom pom and got really excited though, enjoy!

Oh, I just want to pinch him he's so cute!

We got a football after Irving scored their first touchdown, Brady had a lot of fun throwing it around with his daddy!