Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dec. 20th
Boozer Extended Family Christmas
We celebrated Christmas with the Boozer extended family Sat. night, unforunately Brady shared his stomach bug with me, so I decided to stay home. Brady got sick Sunday 7th and was sick for an entire week, I had to stay home with him, Monday, Tuesday, and Wed (well, actually I took hime to school b/c he hadn't thrown up in 24 hrs and not 5 minutes @ school he got sick), luckily, my mom was able to keep him on Thursday, by Friday he was able to go to school. I came down with the bug on Thursday and was sick until Monday, yuck! Anyway, back to Christmas, I made Ryan promise to take pictures for me!

Braeleigh and Brady sitting by the tree with their presents

Brady opening one of his presents, little cars

Brady cheesing with one of his cousins Abigail

Joanna, Kayla, David,Braeleigh, and Stephanie opening gifts

Brae and Brady took a bath afterwards