Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dec. 21st
Katterich/Trainer Chinese Christmas
Chase turns 9!
Today we celebrated Christmas with the Trainers, which is my aunt Drusilla's family (mom's sister). This is our second year to do a chinese gift exchange. We had blast as usual, it's always so loud and and crazy when we get together! It also happened to be Chase's bday, he's 9!


Chase blowing out a candle

Mari, Mom, Phoebe, Dad, Brady, Chase, Kaylee, and Kendra-All the grandkids

Matt, Tanya, Chase, Dad, Mom, Mari, Mandi, Phoebe, Chris, Ryan, Me, Brady, Kaylee, and Kendra

The Trainers: Rindi, Kevin, Shoo Shoo, Drusilla, Darren, Jennifer, Jared, Haley (Jared's girlfriend, who is precious), Eric, Hollyan, Hannah, Aaron, Ethan, & Logan

Phoebe with a bow on her head

Jennifer got a door knob organizer, she couldn't stop laughing about it

Brady opening his polic car

Tanya, Matt, and Kenra hanging out

The kids doing their Chrismtas, Mandi in the background arguing with someone about how it works, lol

Brady eating dinner, aren't his chucks cute!

The boys laughing about who knows what
Phoebe crawing aroud

Brady and Mari hanging out afterwards in their Yo Gabba Gabba pjs