Friday, January 09, 2009

Dec. 23rd
Oops, I forgot to post these...Christmas Lights
Somehow I convinced Ryan to go take Brady to Highland Park to look @ Christmas lights, this was Brady's first time! We invited Stephanie, Billy, and Braeleigh to go with us. Brady wasn't sure what to think, Braeleigh loved the horse carriages taking people around! At one point we thought Brady was asleep, like 10 minutes went by and he comes Brady behind his blanket giggling, he was playing possum, who does that for that long, silly kid?

I couldn't post these sooner b/c I didn't want Nanny to see her Christmas present before Christmas! Steph and I took the kiddos to Arts Afire to have their feet print made into snowmen for a Christmas platter for Nanny! The kiddos were alittle wild but the final product turned out great despite me almost ruining it the plate, I left the t out of Christmas, the lady had to sand the plate down just to get the stained black paint off, stupid me!

Steph was entertaining the kids, having them paint oraments while I finshed painting the letters on the plate!

So he is left handed or what

The Final Product-Christmas Morning