Friday, January 09, 2009

Jan. 4th
Christmas with the Smiths/Pregnancy Pics
Because of our conflicting schedules we weren't able to do Christmas with Tim and Kara until today! Brady got an Elmo book, which as you can tell he was extremely happy about, Tim and Kara got us some 2 giftcards for Chili's and any Papa's restaurant, and we got them a pregnant couple ornament, Kara a Rachel Ray family cookbook, and for Tim's b-day/Christmas a a giftcard to Buca and a silly little desk golf game and a little blanket for Landry!
After opening Kara, Tim, Angel, and I headed to a near by park to take some preganancy pics of Kara! They turned out great, if I can say so myself!

Brady opening his Elmo book

Kara opening Landry's blanket

The boys checking out Tim's golf toy!

Pregnancy Pics
I've decided that pregnancy pictures may be my favorite pictures to take!